Fall Happenings

Fall Happenings

By the chill in the air, it sure does not feel like fall anymore, but we sure can praise God for all He has done in our church this fall. Here’s some highlights:


Nikki, Joshua, Renys, and Felicity chose to get baptized in front of our congregation on Sunday, October 27. One by one, they each shared their story about coming to know Jesus and their reason for baptism before being submerged in the water. Each story is unique and memorable – from Joshua, a young six-year-old, showing his childlike faith to Nikki’s decision to stop running and commit to following God. And with them, on this day, we celebrated.

Baby Dedications

A week later, on November 4, seven families vowed to raise their children to love the Lord. It’s a task taken with tremendous love, dedication, and responsibility. Our church witnessed this public declaration as young ones wiggled in their parents’ arms.

YP Retreat 2019

With so much of our lives filled with events and the next thing to attend, on top of our 40-hour work week, the Young Professionals’ Retreat was a time to get away for a weekend to be encouraged, challenged, and to learn. The theme for the weekend was worship, specifically what it means to behold God in our everyday lives, at work, in the quiet, in the busy, in the discouraging circumstances, and in the daily routine.

New Women’s Bathroom

Part of our Restore Campaign, a one-year financial commitment to remodel our church to help facilitate our growing attendance and our increased ministry opportunities for the Gospel, our new women’s bathroom was completed in late November. The new space includes four stalls, marble floors and walls, two sinks, and a changing table for diapers. It was all thanks to your generosity that allowed for a much-needed new women’s bathroom.


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