Candlewood-Lincoln: Building Purchase Update

Candlewood-Lincoln: Building Purchase Update

Dear Candlewood Family,

After twenty-seven months of praying, we are ecstatic to announce that New Hope has accepted our offer to purchase the building we have been renting at 27th & R!

We have been building together for a long time. The Lord has grown our numbers since meeting here by 60%. The twenty-four month wait since we made our first offer to New Hope has allowed God to put our church family in position to do the Building Together Campaign, in which the faith and sacrificial generosity of our church family amazed everyone. The amount of $326k over three years by a church our size is astounding! We are confident God wanted us to take that step of faith before He leads us to the next step.

The purchase agreement is for a price of $700k with a closing date of November 17th, 2016.

To live within our means as a church, we must continue to pray for God to provide on top of our Building Together pledge for an additional $350k in order for us to secure the financing to complete the purchase. We can call this Phase II of the Building Together Campaign. We believe God wants us to pray, but in addition, He wants us to ask others to pray that God will give us this building so that a vibrant community of faith remains in this location. Most of our friends would agree that it would be sad if this building became something other than a church should a developer buy the property.

As others pray and hear what God is doing and the opportunity and need that we have, we believe God will move in many hearts to give a gift to help us meet the $350k gap. In fact, three friends of ours have already pledged to give $23k to help us. Sixteen Candlewood members have already come up with 286 names of friends and family to ask them to pray. Can you imagine us having one thousand or even fifteen hundred people praying with us?

Because time is of the essence and next Sunday is the 4th of July weekend, we are going to have a Phase II Lunch-Workshop this Sunday, June 26 starting at 11:30AM and ending at 1:30PM. Candlewood will provide the lunch. We will pray, go through some materials together, answer any questions, and then you will know exactly what to write in a letter to your friends about this incredible opportunity God has given us.

Building Together Phase II Lunch/Workshop
Sunday, June 26, 11:30AM to 1:30PM

We need a head count for lunch, so please email Jim if you plan to attend.

Building Together,

The Pastors