Flavor of Favoritism

Flavor of Favoritism

By: Mike Whitney [Candlewood Pastor]

If you favor some people over others, you are committing a sin. James 2:9 (NLT)

My close friend and co-pastor was telling me a story about his sons and a jelly bean game they were playing one day. All the jelly beans looked normal on the outside, but on the inside some were very different. Some jelly beans tasted like the normal enjoyable flavors, but others tasted like they were found on the set of The Walking Dead.

The Bible calls sin disgusting to God. Sin is unsettling, personally offensive, and cost our God a very expensive price to restore. James calls partiality a serious sin. God is serious about absolutely no favoritism among his believers. God hates sin. Favoritism is sin. God hates favoritism.

What do you hate, Christian? Think about it. There are probably not a lot of things you really hate in your life. I mean, I dislike the Kansas City Chiefs and cats, but what do I really hate?

Our culture and God’s church are supposed to operate differently. What James is saying is that the church should not look like the culture. It should look like God’s kingdom with God’s values. When our church starts tasting like the culture’s values, we lose our ability to influence the culture we live in. When Christians get this idea of no favoritism, it is a beautiful thing of representing Christ.

The dictionary defines partiality as “a favorable bias or prejudice, a special fondness, preference or liking.” Maybe you’re like me and have a partiality to different age groups, genders, people groups, etc. If you’re like me, you have preferences that give you blind spots in your Christian life. We don’t get that luxury of having blind spots.

Will you slow down today and ask God to show you areas of partiality in your life? Otherwise, your preferences will one day become your prejudices.